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Hildervat aims to leave the world a better place than how we found it.

Hildervat offers a variety of races to meet the needs of various ages and experience levels. Pick the race best for you and challenge yourself to go to the next level!


The original. Venues can include both beach and terrain courses. Enjoy the full HILDERVAT experience by picking the best heat for you. Elite, Open, Kids & family, and Relay heats will all be available at this ultimate OCR experience.

HILDERVAT Kids & Family Race:

Welcome to the world of obstacle course racing! This race provides a fun filled family environment designed with all skill levels in mind. Obstacles are set lower to the ground to provide the ultimate training and practice experience for the growth and development of future OCR stars. Heats will be divided into age-groups for the more competitive child, while open heats will provide a more relaxed family environment.


Beach Course

HILDERVAT was created as a beach race to offer alternatives to the traditional mud runs and mountain courses for obstacle course racing. We wanted to highlight the best part of our home, Florida, with its beautiful beaches making the sand the #1 obstacle to overcome. The beach is a unique backdrop to create a one of a kind OCR experience.

Terrain Course

HILDERVAT wanted to offer a championship race for the OCR community that was consistent with a standardized OCR course. HILDERVAT terrain allows us to spread out and offer multi-distance races in a more traditional environment. In addition, the terrain courses allow for more race availability to give kids and families more opportunities to race..



Elite heats compete in the first wave of the day. These races are designed for the ultra competitive athlete who would like to be eligible for prize money. These waves will be at the start of all full length Hildervat races; both on the beach and terrain courses. The athletes must complete all obstacles individually and maintain their racechip to be eligible for prize money. See “Elite Heat Awards” for more prize information.


The open heats are available after the Elite athletes have run the race. Ditch the competitive pressure and run the course at your own pace. Perfect for 1st time racers or form a team with various skill levels to help each other through the course.

Kids & Family Heat

Kids and family heats are designed to get the family out there together and help your children discover the OCR world. These heats are limited to just families and parents can take their time helping children with the obstacles. The obstacles are set for adults at full height, so parents must be present on the course for children under the age of 13. Create an exciting experience for the whole family!

Relay Heat

The Relay heat was designed to offer a fast paced, explosive OCR racing experience. Form a 4 person team and compete on a short 1⁄4 mile oval track with less running and more obstacles. Hand the timing chip off to your teammate and watch the excitement build as team members race to the finish line. This heat gets the crowd going as they watch the excitement unfold in a very spectator friendly team race.

Adaptive Heat

Coming Soon

HILDERVAT Training for Kids

We are Completely excited to introduce the next generation of OCR athletes, George and Dan have launched HILDERVAT training for kids. Elite, athletic, endurance training for kids 8+.

Dan & George are committed to pouring into the next generation of OCR Athletes. This training pushes the kids in a positive, encouraging environment to help kids achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle. Feel free to drop in and talk with the trainers or observe a class.
Dates Times
Tuesday/Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 and 5:00-6:00 pm
HiReformance Studio
13474 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl 32225
Call today or sign up at

HILDERVAT Ultimate Viking Warrior OCR - Kids and Family Race

April 6 Race Sign-Ups Are Open!